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vendor application proccess


Market Road Antiques accepts vendor applications on a regular basis. Interested vendors can submit the online application form with the link below. You will be required to provide contact information, examples of your products (in the form or photographs and/or link to social media accounts) and specifics of which type of space you wish to rent. All applications will be reviewed once a space becomes available in store. If your application is successful, you will be contacted to set up a meeting with the Retail Manager. In the meeting you will be able to see the available rental spaces as well as discuss the details of the contract.

vendor both information


Market Road Antiques has a 130+ booths in store. They vary in size and shape. The smallest booth size is 7’ x 13’ and the largest is 15’ x 13’. An average size booth is around 10’ x 12’ in size.

The rental rate of booths is based on the square foot measurement of each booth. The current 2024 rental rate is $3.51/square foot.

product display cases

Display Cases

Market Road Antiques has 40+ display cases in store that are available to rent. They vary in size and are typically in 2 locations within the store. All display cases are secured with locks provided by the store. Many of the cases also have open display area below and above the actual case itself.

The rental rate of display cases is based on the square foot measurement of each case. The current 2024 rental rate is $9.65/square foot.

vendor info, what to sell and what we are looking for

What to Sell

Market Road Antiques wishes to establish a reputation as a first-rate venue for antiques, vintage items and collectables. We strive to curate a diverse and interesting collection that will resonate with a wide variety of customers. From furniture pieces spanning various styles and periods to quirky collectibles that evoke fond memories, we welcome a wide range of offerings. Decorative objects, vintage signage, retro kitchenware and vintage clothing are always popular with our customers. We also have a wide selection of books, artwork, pottery, vinyl and other collectibles. We ask that all vendors uphold the standards we have set in store, and this includes ensuring that they are not selling any unsuitable items or items that may be considered offensive or culturally sensitive

vendor process, how you get paid

Getting Paid

Vendors have access to an online portal in which they can check their daily sales after closing. At the end of each month, a finalized sales report will be processed. A hard copy of the report along with the payment of sales (in the form of a cheque) will be available for pick-up in store on the 10th of each month. Vendors will be required to sign for their cheque. Market Road Antiques will take a 10% commission for each individual item sold. There is a sliding scale available for higher ticket items.

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For more information about the options available for vendor space, contact Market Road Antiques:

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