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Is the Market open all Year?

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market is open every Thursday and Saturday all year round. Tuesday Markets also run in the summer from mid-June to end-of-August. The Outdoor Market runs all year but most vendors and farmers return in April and stay until October

Which payment methods do vendors accept?

Most vendors accept debit, credit, and cash. However, some outdoor vendors and farmers are cash-only, so it’s always a good idea to bring a few bills! We also have an ATM's onsite in case you need cash as well.

Are pets allowed at the Market?

As much as we all love our furry friends; creating a welcoming and safe market environment for everyone is our top priority. We kindly ask that you leave your pets safe and cozy at home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

What should I bring with me to the Market?

Our Market is always happening, rain or shine! Be ready for the outdoors with a water bottle, sunscreen, and umbrella.
As Canada continues to phase out single-use plastic, it’s a great idea to bring small produce bags (mesh and cotton), containers, and reusable shopping bags.

If I have a question at the Market, who can I ask?

Our Market Office located in the Peddler's Village is our central info hub and has friendly Market staff who can answer all of your questions – they’re also happy to just chat and say hello! You can also visit the office for first aid, ice, cooler and other bags, lost and found, gift certificates, and more!

Is the Market Wheelchair accessible?

All three market buildings are wheelchair and walker accessible. If you need a wheelchair and did not bring one; we do have wheelchair and mobility rentals located in Peddler's Village.


Where can I find out which vendors will be at the Market? Is there a Market map?

Check our Vendor Directory page! It has Market Maps and lists of all vendors at the Market. Please note that while these lists are as accurate as possible, vendor changes are always happening.
You can also always visit the Market Office to obtain a physical map copy and ask Market Staff about where to find a vendor.

I want to get in touch with a vendor. How can I do that?

Visit our Vendor Directory Page and click on the vendor you are looking for. Each vendor has a profile with info on the vendor, contact information, and web links.

What are “Daily” vendors?

As a Daily Vendor you will need to be at the Market Office (located in Peddlers Village) no later than 1 hour before Market opening (7am on Tuesday/Thursday, & 6am on Saturday).  At that time, we will call vendors up based on their product listing (premium pass holders followed by farmer, food and then retail – this includes artisans). When called you will pick a number from the daily pool and be assigned a space when your number is called. Once you have your space you can go and set up. If you arrive late, you will be assigned a space after those who arrived on time.  Vendors arriving late run the risk of not being permitted to vend at all so make sure to arrive on time!

How do I know where my Produce comes from?

As the largest year-round farmers’ market in Canada there are often many choices when selecting fresh fruits and vegetables.  The Vendor Management team takes care in selecting farmers and produce vendors who pride themselves in providing the highest quality of local and regional produce at any given time.  While not all produce vendors grow the items they sell, they are required to only sell Ontario grown fruits and vegetables when they are in season in Ontario.  All vendors are required to identify the province/country of origin for every item and many vendors purchase items direct from local farms to help out their neighbours who may not be able to come to Market themselves. 


The best way to know where your food is coming from is to engage in conversation with the vendors – they are always willing to tell their story and talk about their food.

Where can I find out what is in season?

We always like to advertise and promote what's in season on our socials, website and at the market but for a up-to-date list, Click Here


Does the Market run special programming and events?

We enrich our Market with night events, market day activities, and night markets events all year long! Check our Evets Page to see what’s going on this week.


How can I become a vendor?

Please visit our Become A Vendor page or stop by our Market Office and fill out an application. We accept applications  year-round.

How can I become a busker?

Please visit our Busker page or stop by our Market Office and fill out an application. We accept applications  year-round.

What is your proccess for charaties and community partners to come out for a day?

As a community market, the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market has 3 outdoor spaces available at no cost to local registered charities or community groups who are interested in providing information to the Public regarding their organization.  Each space is a 10x10 area within the Outdoor Market that provide excellent visibility to any organization. 

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Are you open holidays?

Yes! We are open 362 days a year. The only days we are closed are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. We may have slightly altered hours during Easter.

Do you provide shopping bags?

No, we are no longer providing single-use shopping bags. We highly recommend bringing your own reuseable bags, boxes or storage containers to pack your purchased treasures.

In store, we have branded canvas totes available for $2.50 each. On occasion, we may also have cardboard boxes available.

 Is pricing negotiable?

All prices are set as firm. Market Road Antiques does not own any of the items in store. They are all provided by our vendors who rent the individual booths and display cabinets. Our vendors are required to put their best offer on their price tags. The staff will not negotiate pricing on the vendors behalf. The staff will also not contact vendors to negotiate pricing.

Do you have sales?

Yes! Market Road Antiques has 2 different store-wide sales. The first is our Winter Warm Up Sale that runs the entire month of February. The second is the Black Friday sale which typically runs for 2 weeks in November. Each vendor chooses which discount to offer during these times.
Vendors are also permitted to put a sale on their booth at any other time during the year. Keep an eye out for colourful signs above the booth or display case that will indicate a booth is having a sale.

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